Holy Island, Anglesey.

We took these shots in one of the many small costal coves just outside of Trearddur Bay on the beautiful Holy Island, Anglesey. We stopped here on the way back to the B&B just as dusk was setting in and manage to capture some wonderful photographs of the rough sea as the bad weather takes hold.

waves 3

These shots are a mixture of both mine and M’s work, we took several similar shots each of this scene however I have no idea who can take the credit for them as we were both using the Nikon D3100 with the standard 52 mm lens.

waves 1

This is a wider angled shot to fit more of the surface area of the sea into the frame to try and give a sense of the boisterous energy of the waves. The atmosphere was lonely and isolating but at the same time fresh and electric.

waves 5

The large far waves can be seen crashing against the rock face in this frame whilst the small tidal waves are creeping up the beach towards us. As it was coming up to evening I have adjust the brightness of the photograph to bring out the finer details of the shot.

waves 6

I have also turned up the brightness in this photograph to show the contrast of the white foam on the surface of the blue water. The dark rock surface shadows  nicely against the empty skyline.

waves 9

A more central shot this time with the sea starting to build up to several rough waves again.  With the cold wind howling around the cove and the tide nipping at our feet we took a few for shots for luck and retreated back to the safe, warm sanctuary of the car.


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