Stallington Hall psychiatric hospital, Part 2

After many weeks of turning the house upside down hunting for the AWOL memory card I have finally found it hiding away upstairs enabling me to complete our Stallington Hall post part 2. I have done this post in 2 parts because we took so many photos on 2 different cameras and couldn’t possibly put it all in one without it becoming  a task and half so my photos were all in part 1 and all of M’s in part 2. They have all been chosen and edited by him for the blog.


This is a ground level shot looking up the length of the external stairwell at the back of the building. The stairs are quite overgrown and have been left to the mercy of the elements however I think this gives them a nice effect for photographing and fits in nicely with the buildings style as well as adding character to the image.


This is a shot of inside the main hall and as you can see it has been quite badly fire damaged by an recent arson attack. The large ornate columns are an original feature from when the hospital was a private home and although boxed in when it was converted they have been exposed again by photographers and urban explorers over the  recent years.


Another photograph of inside the hall along one of the abandoned corridors. The paint and wallpaper peeling off the wall gives an extremely creepy feeling to this picture along with the doors left ajar with the daylight peeking through.


This one was shot through the empty window frame from inside one of the rooms upstairs, M was using the Nikon D1300 with the standard lens and was trying to capture a large portion of the room into the frame.


Another ground level one taken sitting in the rubble shooting down through the door way catching the natural daylight in the background of the shot. The wood and debris are in prominent focus as well as all the other features in this shot giving a good depth and texture to the photo.


A shot gazing up at one of the windows allowing the light to flood into the scene, I’m not really sure what this room was used for as it had been completely stripped and was virtually rotting away.


It was while we were taking these shots in the basement that we got the feeling we needed to go, the corridor continued as far we could see but as we only had the light from the flash to guide us we decided not to continue down the corridor just in case. We had no idea what was down there so decided leave it there but to make a return visit in the near future and bring torches!

To be continued………..


Stallington hall basement

Photo of the moment…


This is one of M’s photographs that he took in the basement of Stallington hall hospital when we visited last month. He’s used the metal pipes as the focal point for the frame with the light coming through the open door way as another interesting focal feature. We have just discovered Lomography and with the help of Photoshop have managed to make the shot fit in with that style. I’ve adjusted the layers and colour balance to pull out the reds in the photograph to make the rust on the pipes more prominent against the darker tones in the picture.

Lazy day at the bay…


I don’t really think that this photograph needs many words, it was one we took at Moelfre Bay in Anglesey. The boats were just scattered along the pebble beach left to the elements but they made a great focal point for the photograph. The atmosphere was so calm and the weather was great I could of  just sat there all day looking at Snowdon in the distance. I first published this one as photo of the moment in black and white but a colour version does the scene better justice.  Enjoy!


Seaside Memories…


Just one for a bit of nostalgia and to dig out those happy memories of afternoons filled with ice cream, sandy toes and the 2 pence arcade machines. When I think of the seaside this is the image that springs to mind The pier, the Ferris wheel and the clear blue sky.

This whole picture sums it up for me its like grabbing all those things that remind you of the seaside the smells, the sounds, the weather and putting it all into an image, a memory in print that’s why I love photography so much just flicking through the photos instantly takes me back there.

I remember wandering round the souvenir shops and filling the baskets with key rings, shell wind chimes and rock but then of course not forgetting the mandatory bucket and spade. It makes me smile when I think of family members bickering about where to rent deck chairs from and then where would be the best place to sit. I used to be fascinated with the donkeys and considered taking one home several times, my young mind not focusing on the practicalities I could never understand why the grown ups always said no.

This was taken last year when we went to Blackpool for a daytrip, we spent most of the time wandering around the beach snapping away on our camera phones. It wasn’t until then that we really got into photography and these photos planted the seeds that grew into our obsession.


Blackpool Pier

Photo of the moment…

pier 2

This photograph was taken under Blackpool pier last October by myself, we were only just venturing into photography then and it was only taken with a camera phone. I was massively drawn to the metal structure of the pier and how imposing it was set against the sand of the beach and I was intrigued by the small pools of water collecting at the structures base.

There were several bits of old fishing nets that had been caught on the underside of the pier when the tide has come in and these made interesting and eye catching focal points for the frame.

Another thing that caught my eye was the shell formations that had attached themselves to the huge metal posts, these just indicated how high the tide was reaching when it had come in to the beach. I have reduced the colour in the photo to project some of its more darker tones and details and blended out the background to a paint like effect using Photoshop.

Warning! Geese crossing!

This post is just for fun really and we just happened to catch this charming scene by complete chance. We were on the way back to the car when a gaggle of geese with a group of baby goslings crossed our path  so we couldn’t resist taking a few shots.


I didn’t really have time to adjust the settings properly as I didn’t want to miss the shots so a few of the pictures are a touch out of focus due to the fast movement of the birds however I think I still managed to capture a few decent ones.



This was an amusing scene with the tiny goslings following the adult geese to safety on the opposite side of the road.


Just as we reached the car they all stopped to feed on the grass so we knelt down to get a ground level shot and were then caught in a stampede of goslings as they came towards us.



I plonked the camera down and just started snapping managing to capture some pleasing photographs, I just wish I had thought to set the shutter speed a bit faster to minimise some of the blur of the movement but I was just glad to have caught them at all to be honest.