Swan Lake


Schools out for Summer

So yesterday me and M had a free afternoon with a few hours to kill before everyone came home so with both of us been off work at the weekend (which is a novelty for us) and the weather been glorious we decided to go and have a peek around M’s old primary school which is due to be demolished to make way for a ethnic food supermarket in the near future. We have driven past it dozens of times but never seemed to have a camera with us so after snapping a nearby country park we made our way to the school.

school 10The School was built in 1853 and functioned as a mixed age school until 1865 when it separated into infant and juniors. Its closed in 2002 when the school was relocated to a new site and the building which has become a target for vandals and arsonists has been left derelict ever since.

school 3Completely ruined inside many of the walls are still covered with the children’s school work which I found quite strange, although stripped and crumbling inside with every window broken the presence of children was felt all around.

school 2One of the only pieces of furniture in the school left was this lone piano surrounded by the debris and broken glass. Edited into black and white this photograph really emphasises “The Lonely World” for me it puts the reason we chose the name for our blog into a photo, even after the years of neglect the piano is still there abandoned and forgotten.

school 4

The other piece we found inside the school was this plastic stool left in the middle of an empty classroom, I’ve shot it from a ground level to bring the stool into the main focus but still keeping a good depth to the frame.

school 7

Wandering round we found the school toilets and while the cubicles are still intact all the sinks and basins had been smashed to pieces. One thing that always sits in my mind when we photograph places like this is why people feel the need to create such damaged and destruction to old buildings and to vandalise them they way they do. Almost every site we’ve visited with our hobby has either been set alight at some point or smashed to pieces.

school 8

M was quite excited about visiting and always one for nostalgia he was happy snapping away while we walked round his old school. However, he seems to leave disheartened with a sense of sadness at the state of place and what its future holds.



The poachers cottage

This is an old derelict cottage near where we live and its been left abandoned for as long as I can remember. Its well hidden in the overgrowth and not visible unless you know its there, there is a pub across the road from it called “The poachers cottage” so I’m assuming they are referring to this one as it sits at the old gated entrance of an large outdoor estate.

.cottage 4

I’ve tried to do a bit of digging and find out a bit more history about the building and to possible discover why it has been left rotting for so long but is still securely protected by a huge metal fence.  Unfortunately the only thing I managed to uncover was that it was home to the estates gardener at one point.

cottage 1

The roof has completely rotten away leaving only the beams remaining and exposing the buildings interior to the elements. All the windows and doors have been sealed and judging by the ivy trails running all over them it was some time ago.


cottage 2

I’ve edited this photograph to give a feel of the eyrie and neglectful atmosphere that surrounds the cottage. By enhancing the shadows and pulling out the detail it gives the picture a more sinister tone.

cottage 3