Sunset at Fistral beach, Newquay

We’ve been away camping in Cornwall all this week and with the impending gloomy weather fast approaching we were a bit sceptical about getting the opportunity to get out and about with the cameras and uncover the hidden gems in Cornwall. However, the good old British summer did not let us down and after over 5 hours of driving South we finally arrived to catch the last rays of  the evening sunshine.


We headed down to Fistral beach to capture some beautiful sunset shots from the beach, I liked the idea of capturing the open sea in the fore ground while using the glowing sky to fill the majority of the background. I’ve been doing a lot of research into landscape photography and have tried to apply rule of third to give the frame the correct composition.

I’ve shot more of the beach in this frame to give some scale to the picture, the ocean stretching out into the distance with the sun setting on the horizon accompanied with the suns reflection in the sea makes a great shot.

new 5

This is one of my favourite photographs we took, it was just a case of right place right time. I have no idea who this surfer was or that I’d caught him running past until I’d had a proper look through my photos which I think adds to the magic of the shot. I love the way the surfer is captured running along the beach with his surf board and with the setting sun plus the glorious orange light flooding the sky makes an amazing back drop. I’ve adjusted the contrast to create a silhouette so he may remain anonymous and surf off into the sunset.


After the sun had set the sky changed from orange to a dark pink colour. I timed this photo to catch the wave in the foreground just starting to break.


I was so happy with the outcome of these photos as my camera is only a bridge I can’t change the lenses, limiting me to what effects I can achieve. I’ve always loved the photos taken with longer shutter speeds but have never manage to try it with mine as I’ve never had the right scene or lighting. However, twilight at Fistral beach was going to finally make this happen! I set my camera up on the tripod on the sand and used the rocks as my focal point to show the movement of the water against a still object using an 8 second shutter speed.


The longer shutter speed shot creates a hypnotizing silky feel to the waves as they gently break against the rocks, to avoid any motion blur from pressing the shutter button I used the cameras 2 second self timer button.


The lighting in this shot gives more of a moody  feel to the photograph and captures the atmosphere perfectly. At this point the sun had set some time ago yet the weather was still warm and calm.  We would have loved to taken some similar shots with the Nikon during the sunset using a 4 stop ND filter but unfortunately only had an 18.0-55.0mm lens and had to take advantage of the 24x zoom on the Fuji to get a close up shot of the rocks.


This photograph was shot by M from the top of the dunes that lead down to the beach. The bright, low sun was being shielded behind a perfectly sized cloud which allowed the suns rays to beam out in all directions. The dunes had a large amount of natural, unspoilt greenery which made for a great feature for the foreground of the shot.  By adjusting shutter speed on the Nikon to 1/100 s and aperture to f/10 it allowed just enough light into the lens to capture the rays of the sun and still keep the detailing of the cloud, the grass in the foreground silhouettes nicely against the warm sky.  The colour levels perfectly reflect the warm summer air and the gentle coastal breeze.


This was another shot by M from the dunes using a slightly lower aperture setting of f/7.1 to allow a little more light into the lens.  The sky stretching the width of the coast was beautiful and the picture has been cropped to focus on the full sunset over the calm sea. The bright sun can be seen through a gap in the cloud and again the suns rays are visible protruding from behind at all angles.


You are my sunshine…



You are my sunshine my only sunshine,
you make me happy when skies are grey,
you’ll never know dear how much I love you,
please don’t take my sunshine away.

Lazy day at the bay…


I don’t really think that this photograph needs many words, it was one we took at Moelfre Bay in Anglesey. The boats were just scattered along the pebble beach left to the elements but they made a great focal point for the photograph. The atmosphere was so calm and the weather was great I could of  just sat there all day looking at Snowdon in the distance. I first published this one as photo of the moment in black and white but a colour version does the scene better justice.  Enjoy!


Seaside Memories…


Just one for a bit of nostalgia and to dig out those happy memories of afternoons filled with ice cream, sandy toes and the 2 pence arcade machines. When I think of the seaside this is the image that springs to mind The pier, the Ferris wheel and the clear blue sky.

This whole picture sums it up for me its like grabbing all those things that remind you of the seaside the smells, the sounds, the weather and putting it all into an image, a memory in print that’s why I love photography so much just flicking through the photos instantly takes me back there.

I remember wandering round the souvenir shops and filling the baskets with key rings, shell wind chimes and rock but then of course not forgetting the mandatory bucket and spade. It makes me smile when I think of family members bickering about where to rent deck chairs from and then where would be the best place to sit. I used to be fascinated with the donkeys and considered taking one home several times, my young mind not focusing on the practicalities I could never understand why the grown ups always said no.

This was taken last year when we went to Blackpool for a daytrip, we spent most of the time wandering around the beach snapping away on our camera phones. It wasn’t until then that we really got into photography and these photos planted the seeds that grew into our obsession.


Holy Island, Anglesey.

We took these shots in one of the many small costal coves just outside of Trearddur Bay on the beautiful Holy Island, Anglesey. We stopped here on the way back to the B&B just as dusk was setting in and manage to capture some wonderful photographs of the rough sea as the bad weather takes hold.

waves 3

These shots are a mixture of both mine and M’s work, we took several similar shots each of this scene however I have no idea who can take the credit for them as we were both using the Nikon D3100 with the standard 52 mm lens.

waves 1

This is a wider angled shot to fit more of the surface area of the sea into the frame to try and give a sense of the boisterous energy of the waves. The atmosphere was lonely and isolating but at the same time fresh and electric.

waves 5

The large far waves can be seen crashing against the rock face in this frame whilst the small tidal waves are creeping up the beach towards us. As it was coming up to evening I have adjust the brightness of the photograph to bring out the finer details of the shot.

waves 6

I have also turned up the brightness in this photograph to show the contrast of the white foam on the surface of the blue water. The dark rock surface shadows  nicely against the empty skyline.

waves 9

A more central shot this time with the sea starting to build up to several rough waves again.  With the cold wind howling around the cove and the tide nipping at our feet we took a few for shots for luck and retreated back to the safe, warm sanctuary of the car.