What’s your inspiration?

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What’s your inspiration? Where do your ideas come from? What springs to mind when deciding a shot?

Some days my head is absolutely bursting with creative ideas about what to photograph where as other days I seem to have a mental imagination block. One day I’m buying props and sourcing location for some crazy imaginative shoot the next my camera doesn’t even get a look in. 

So how do you get creative and keep your passion for photography alive?

It seems we don’t see the world through the same eyes anymore, every sky, every seafront and even everyday kitchen items become a potential shot, different angles, different colours and textures the possibilities are endless.

There was a time when photography was limited but with the boundaries being well and truly pushed digital photographers are in their element now more than ever. Photography can open so many doors and create fantastic opportunities not just professionally but personally too, myself and several family members regularly enjoy discussing the depths of photography and many evenings have been spent debating which avenue to next explore with our work. 

So what is it that draws you into the world of photography and unleashes the inner photographer hidden somewhere inside you?

What is it that drives you to get up at the crack of dawn and venture out into the rain to get that photo?

What’s you inspiration?


Feedback lovely lovely feedback

We just wanted to write a post about the lovely feedback we’ve been getting from people about our photos. We only ever started this blog as a platform to share our pictures with family and friends and the fact that we were running out of wall space at home so starting a blog seemed like the right thing to do. We share a passion for photography and we’re constantly on the look out potential shots, it seems like we can’t even walk down the street without wishing we had brought a camera with us. The fact that people are enjoying our photos as much as we are is a huge compliment and makes writing the blog even more fun.

Elle Anais Photography.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for while now and have finally found the time to have a go. I took my sister out with me on one of our photography expeditions and was pleasantly surprised at the pictures she managed to produce with her Nikon Coolpix camera. She is only 13 but along with us has a fierce passion for photography and capturing images as she sees them. She has her own signature style and prefers the more close up shots of her subjects.


This is one was taken while out walking with the cameras in local woodland, she mentioned she liked the contrast between the two and wanted to capture it by using the white  Dandelion as a focal feature set against the dark wall.


The simply style of this photograph highlights her personal style, she likes to find the beauty in everyday items and manages to make them more aesthetically pleasing.


Another one here with just an ordinary sign shot surrounded by the Ivy and undergrowth.


This was a fallen tree we came across and she had no inhibitions about climbing along the length of it to capture this shot. She used a lower levelled frame to bring the front details into focus as well as the features in the background.


The shot of a buttercup is beautiful with its simplicity, by using the macro mode on the Nikon she was able to get a frame with great depth to the image along with highlighting the details of the flowers and surrounding grass.


Another low level focal shot, taken by resting the camera on the pebbles she was able to capture the movement of the water in the still frame.


The low focal points are another trait of her photographic style, by doing this she manages to achieve the style of view point she if after by using the camera as if she were looking up from the ground.