Adventures in the Yorkshire Dales, Part 1.

We’ve had a break from blogging about our photographic adventures this week as we’ve been away in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales for a few days for some well deserved R&R. The weather wasn’t brilliant but we wanted to trek out to try and capture a few decent shots and when the rain finally let up we actually ended up taking about 500 photos between us, so I’ve decided to do this post in two parts as we have so many good shots to share.


I’m going to use my photos in the first part of this post so all the shots used are mine taken on the Fuji Finepix as usual. I seem to favour this camera over the Nikon at the moment as although the Nikon is a higher end SLR I still think the Fuji can produce some fantastic pictures.

This one was taken on our way to the river Ure, we were heading down bank in the field when the view of the moors caught my eye. I got down to ground level to take this shot bringing the grass into primary focus using the super macro mode whilst also capturing the landscape in the skyline. The front strands of grass are slightly out of focus however not for lack of trying on my part but unfortunately the wind had other ideas.


As we were walking through the field filled with angry cows I thought at one point we were going to get charged at as I got the distinct impression that we were not welcome and they were not best pleased with our intrusion and being photographed. However I did manage to bargain with this fame hungry cow who was happy to provide this full frontal shot on the basis I post it on the blog so here it is…


This is the only photograph I have edited, as I was using the camera in manual mode and had not set the aperture correct resulting in a dull picture. I adjusted the brightness and contrast of the picture to bring out more detail and it was shot with the 24x zoom on the Fuji.


This is another floor level landscape shot where I sat in the grass to give a deeper level to the detail of the field. I didn’t use the camera in macro mode in order for me to zoom in on Penhill in the background and capture the low resting clouds on the hill whilst also fitting a large amount of the scenery into the frame.


I slowed the shutter speed down slightly with this shot to try and capture some of the detail of the moving water. By zooming in on the branch and bringing it into front focus it throws the water in the backdrop slightly out of focus causing a minor blur.


This is a portrait shot of a beautiful horse we saw on our travels, we took several shots from different angles and levels but I liked this one as by keeping all element of the frame in focus it adds a good depth of field to the photo.


And this ones just for fun 🙂


This is another detailed front focal shot, I have zoomed in to catch the detailed facial features of the lamb and the colour distortion of his wool coat.


This is a shot of the Shawl in Leyburn, North Yorkshire. It gets its name from the legend of Mary Queen of Scots who was imprisoned in nearby Bolton castle and upon her escape travelled along the landscape in a bid for freedom. She was caught before she reached Leyburn when soldiers discovered her shawl caught in the undergrowth leading to her discovery in the woods. I spent many of my childhood years playing here and was always fascinated by this intriguing story. This image of this bench on the hillside in front of the Yorkshire Dales is an image that is ingrained into my childhood memory so it was nice to be able to take the opportunity to create this photograph for our collection.


Finally another great macro mode shot on the old steam train line. I had to shuffle down a muddy hillside and practically lie down to get to get the angle that I was after. The Buttercup flowers is completely in primary focus picking out the finer details, whilst the track gradually fades out into a blur in the background.




Sunrise at Blackthorn Farm, Anglesey.

We took these photographs out of the loft window at Blackthorn farm in January. M woke me up at about five past eight to show me the orange glow that filled the room. We immediately opened the roof window to get a better view even though the winds speeds were quite high making it very cold.

sunrise 5

sunset 1

The clouds had a really unusual pattern to them and seemed to have underlying tone of red and purple. Parts of the blue sky can be seen peeking through the clouds and the sun starting to appear from over Snowdonia.

sunrise 4

The mountains in Snowdonia can be seen silhouetted in the skyline and provide a scenic backdrop to the shot. The sun was near rising at this point so the sky was bright orange with flashes of red. The Second morning we were in Wales, the sun rise was no where near as glorious as this one so I’m glad we were woken up by the orange glow to capture these photos.

sunrise 3