Stallington hall basement

Photo of the moment…


This is one of M’s photographs that he took in the basement of Stallington hall hospital when we visited last month. He’s used the metal pipes as the focal point for the frame with the light coming through the open door way as another interesting focal feature. We have just discovered Lomography and with the help of Photoshop have managed to make the shot fit in with that style. I’ve adjusted the layers and colour balance to pull out the reds in the photograph to make the rust on the pipes more prominent against the darker tones in the picture.


Blackpool Pier

Photo of the moment…

pier 2

This photograph was taken under Blackpool pier last October by myself, we were only just venturing into photography then and it was only taken with a camera phone. I was massively drawn to the metal structure of the pier and how imposing it was set against the sand of the beach and I was intrigued by the small pools of water collecting at the structures base.

There were several bits of old fishing nets that had been caught on the underside of the pier when the tide has come in and these made interesting and eye catching focal points for the frame.

Another thing that caught my eye was the shell formations that had attached themselves to the huge metal posts, these just indicated how high the tide was reaching when it had come in to the beach. I have reduced the colour in the photo to project some of its more darker tones and details and blended out the background to a paint like effect using Photoshop.

Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey.

Photo of the moment…

castle 1

This photograph was taken in the grounds of Beaumaris castle in Anglesey, Wales. We visited early January and visited Beaumaris on our last day there. The castle was built in 1295 and consists of an inner and outer section a large stone walls. This shot was taken on the Nikon D3100 using the standard 52mm lens on one of the internal upper floors of the castle. Me and M both took vitally identical shots so I’m not sure who took this. The ladders are the main focus of the black and white frame with the natural detail of the wood being highlighted with the zoom on the Nikon. The castle stone walls can be seen fitted into the background slightly out of focus as well as the clear winter skyline.

Moelfre Bay, Anglesey.

Picture of the moment…
image w

This photograph was taken by me in Moelfre in Anglesey mid January this year, it was a really clear day and the bay was really peaceful unlike the week previous when it had flooded with the storms that were battering the coast. I zoomed in on the boats but tried to get as much of the back ground scenery and the sea into the shot as I could without losing the detail on the boats in the front of the picture.There is great view of Snowdonia nation park in the sky line and this fit nicely in the frame. It has obviously been edited by myself to a black and white shot, I have adjusted the brightness and highlighted the shadows to give the picture a slightly toned down effect