Swan Lake


Warning! Geese crossing!

This post is just for fun really and we just happened to catch this charming scene by complete chance. We were on the way back to the car when a gaggle of geese with a group of baby goslings crossed our path  so we couldn’t resist taking a few shots.


I didn’t really have time to adjust the settings properly as I didn’t want to miss the shots so a few of the pictures are a touch out of focus due to the fast movement of the birds however I think I still managed to capture a few decent ones.



This was an amusing scene with the tiny goslings following the adult geese to safety on the opposite side of the road.


Just as we reached the car they all stopped to feed on the grass so we knelt down to get a ground level shot and were then caught in a stampede of goslings as they came towards us.



I plonked the camera down and just started snapping managing to capture some pleasing photographs, I just wish I had thought to set the shutter speed a bit faster to minimise some of the blur of the movement but I was just glad to have caught them at all to be honest.

Wall + Snail = Super Macro fun.

After a few recent showers this week I had seen a number of snails making various bids for freedom up several walls whilst we’ve been out and about. After a short rain spell this morning I took the opportunity to have a play with the super macro mode on the Fuji Finepix and see what the results would be like.  Searching around the garden for a few minuets I found this willing participant who fitted the bill nicely.


I had set the Fuji in Macro mode and adjusted 24x zoom to get a closer look.


A side view capturing a larger view of the wall in the frame as well as some of the Ivy in the background. I wasn’t happy with the amount of detail been picked up so I set the camera to super Macro mode.


I was more pleased with this shot as the super Macro mode has picked up the different colour and pattern variations in the snails shell and also some of the different textures that are present on the surface of the shell. I adjusted the aperture to let more light in whilst using the shutter speed at 1/500.



The shell is more out of focus in this shot but bringing in the detail of the body into the frame. You can see the texture difference between the hard shell and soft wet body.


After taking about 45 photographs of this little guy I’d guessed he had enough and was making a bid for freedom so I took one last shot of him making his escape and left him in peace.